How to Start Freelancing

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How to Start Freelancing
Freelancing involves the pioneering world of solo work. But it is one of the safest times to jump into freelancing as the world has already witnessed an outbreak of virus leading to a pandemic due to covid-19. With better technology and the increasing number of companies that support remote work arrangements, this culture has become more acceptable and feasible.
In fact number of freelancers is expected to increase by 65% in the coming decade. And this becomes the best time to join the community of freelancers as it is projected to grow immensely.
One Time in a Day
More understanding about freelancing is created with more experience as challenges that come through in your path tend to make you stronger in various aspects like technology, solution-oriented thinking ability, patience, and determination.
And in this way, a freelancing career is similar to starting a task from zero, when you start to invest in the task through your skills and gradually you learn a lot about the task. The same chronology is there in a freelancing career, at first you start alone and with due course of time, you become a family; mastering all aspects of having a larger family. So incremental learning is the best without being burdened by all unfamiliar things and lacking clarity in opting for the necessary work subsequently.
Key Steps to launch a career in Freelancing ☺️ 
Here is the outline regarding the beginning of freelancing career, for management and exponential growth. Freelancing can create the best results if, the right input is given, it is ostensible if a particular work is done in a stipulated manner then results are also according to that.

1. Know Your Purpose

The purpose is the first element that you need to figure out before starting your career in freelancing, to achieve your goal. There is no concept of trying without clarity of purpose.
Prominent reasons for pursuing a freelancing career:
  • Challenging yourself to pursue your goal, creating your benchmarks, competing with yourself
  • Give your best in enhancing your skills and then utilizing your skills to an optimum level for fruitful results
  • Partner with a wide range of clients to engage in a larger community
  • Enjoy the autonomy of being in the field you wanted to and being boss of your own
  • Build a reliable network you can be proud of
Inappropriate reasons for pursuing a freelancing career:
  • Starting it as other people are also pursuing it
  • The motive of overpowering, holding grudges and grievances against your dominating boss
  • Space of working in your comfort level without being realistic
  • Over-ambitious plan of becoming rich within a short period without any statistics
  • Having more time to enjoy with less burden of deadlines
2. Identify the most suitable position of employment
  • Although freelancers are required to be at par in various sectors, as a freelancer you need to figure out a unique set of talents you are going to offer the world. Because the more specialized your business is, the more successful you will be.
  • Well! at times you may be unable to figure out, which service offerings will be more different and remunerative.
  • You have to ponder over; what you are best at doing and will fetch you more clients who can pay for your services.
  • When you clearly promote your core offerings to your clients, it makes everything easier and more comfortable. You can increase your business and fetch more clients if, there is clarity on whether you can fulfill their needs and promises. You will be appreciated if you are able to save time as well as deal with less inconvenience.
3. Figure out Adequate pricing
With the motive of being a freelancer, there come numerous challenges. One of those major challenges is determining an adequate price for your offerings. The ability to decide what rate should offer to become a successful freelancer is a must.
To embark upon as a freelancer, conduct an audit of the monthly budget to ascertain the amount of money you need to earn, in order to continue as a freelancer. This amount should be enough to cover all the necessary obligations including your expenses related to freelance business such as health insurance, internet connection, electronics to complete job, etc.
You can also use some platforms which allows conversation related to rates in market among users or maybe a website that can provide statistics related to competitive prices. There is a lot of support offered to a new member of the community of freelancers in terms of accurate pricing.
The vision of setting adequate pricing is to be able to earn more than our expenditure for survival. To give a check to your prices, ask yourself whether this price can keep you motivated, this provides the essence of being on the right track. Reassessment is also necessary to maintain correct pricing for your offerings.
4. Portfolio
In the competitive world, a freelancer is expected to showcase previous work for future opportunities. A portfolio reflects the professional online presence of creatives, acts as a business card and project showcase. Creating a portfolio website is an opportunity to make something that can reflect your skills and conveys your unique message by just looking as crisp and professional as any of your other work. With use of the right tools, you can conquer any technological constraint including artistic compromises such as portfolio creation and build a powerful online presence.
This portfolio can create a conundrum for many entrepreneurs as it is not possible that you have some samples at the time when you start working, in that case, you can opt for those who can provide you with work for which you can be paid even if you don’t have any portfolio or experience. This will help you generate some sample work that can be used in your portfolio.
5. Find your customer
In the end, all you need to ponder over is how to fetch clients, as now you have prepared everything that is required as a freelancer. In this step, of finding clients you can use some tactics that will help.
The basic thing you can do is to reach out to your near and dear ones, your close relatives, your family, your friends, former coworkers. Focus on warming up, kick things off by sending emails to individuals in your network, feel free to communicate with your friends, relatives, colleagues, connections who are most likely to either need your services or know somebody who does.
Another way could be using cold reach out, in this before sending an email to a potential client, just review their website, research their business, social media accounts to become familiar with their personality and language. This can possibly give you an idea about their problems and you would be able to give them relevant solutions.
Another possible solution to this is, to join a freelancing platform like Learning Designer. The main benefit of these platforms is that they can connect you with clients you would never meet otherwise. The drawback of this approach is, they will take a cut out of your profits but in exchange will provide you with a strong network of clients.
6. Start amazing work
Now the time has arrived to deliver, after connecting with clients. The heart balm is that your freelance career is totally driven by a purpose (vision). Whatever it was that prompted you to embark on this journey will now motivate you to excel. 
Your reputation will begin to pave the way for you and the positive energy will recompense for the certain situations when you’re not the finest. With each successful freelance job, your troupe of happy clients grows expands.
As a freelancer best thing you can do is make the life of your client better and as a reward, they can pay you for that and give you respect by thanking you, this can be a win-win situation.

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