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Never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new

Instructional designer with 10 years of experience

I can help:

Evaluate and improve existing programs according to you needs and goals;

Deliver necessary information to colleagues/customers in the best suitable to your needs way;

Change boring to read a 30-page manual to an e-learning course/video tutorial/long read page with interactive and involving elements;

Create fun/engaging course on any topic;

And many other things.

My key principles:

Honesty (I will not take your time if your task in impossible to do for me for some reasons);

Compliance with the principles of adult learning

Asking questions

Setting goals

WTF (I will tell you what this principle about in our communication)


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Senior training manager

  •  ABBYY
  •  Mar 2020 - Present

- Program Evaluation: Evaluate and enhance existing learning programs to align with specific needs and goals, ensuring their effectiveness and relevance.

- Effective Communication: Deliver necessary information to colleagues and customers using various suitable methods, such as e-learning courses, video tutorials, and interactive long-read pages, ensuring maximum comprehension and engagement.

- Instructional Design: Transform lengthy and monotonous content into engaging and interactive learning experiences, utilizing suitable elements and techniques tailored to the topic and audience.

- Creative Course Development: Create enjoyable and captivating courses on diverse topics, incorporating interactive elements and immersive experiences to enhance learning outcomes.

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