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"Creating Engaging Learning Experiences for Seamless Knowledge Transfer"

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I specialize in developing interactive and engaging learning experiences that promote effective knowledge transfer. With expertise in instructional design principles and a strong foundation in adult learning theory, I craft custom eLearning courses and programs tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations and learners.

By leveraging my proficiency in eLearning authoring tools, learning management systems, and multimedia design, I ensure that the learning content is visually appealing, interactive, and aligned with learning objectives. With a focus on creating learner-centered experiences, my goal is to facilitate effective learning and empower individuals to reach their full potential.


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Learning Designer- Volunteer

  •  Rumie
  •  May 2023 - Present

Developing engaging and interactive microlearning content: I was responsible for creating microlearning modules, also known as BYTES, that provided valuable information and promoted effective learning experiences. These modules were designed to be concise and focused, delivering key concepts and skills in an engaging manner.

Applying instructional design principles: I applied instructional design principles to develop effective learning materials. This involved analyzing the learning needs of the target audience and identifying the most appropriate instructional strategies to address those needs. I worked closely with subject matter experts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content.

Setting learning objectives: I identified clear and measurable learning objectives for each microlearning module. These objectives served as the foundation for designing the content and assessments. They helped guide the learners and ensured that the modules aligned with the desired learning outcomes.

Structuring content: I organized the content in a logical and coherent manner, creating a flow that facilitated the learning process. I used instructional design techniques such as chunking, sequencing, and scaffolding to present the information in a structured and meaningful way.

Designing assessments: I developed assessments that allowed learners to evaluate their understanding and knowledge retention. These assessments varied in format, including quizzes, interactive activities, and scenario-based exercises. By designing effective assessments, I could measure the learners' progress and identify areas that required further reinforcement.

Instructional Designer- Volunteer

  •  CrowdDoing

Collaborating with the team: I actively participated in team discussions and brainstorming sessions to identify learning objectives, content requirements, and desired outcomes for each course or module. By working closely with subject matter experts and other team members, we ensured that the learning materials aligned with the organization's goals and met the needs of the intended audience.

Utilizing Moodle LMS: As part of my role, I utilized Moodle, an open-source learning management system, to create and manage online courses. I was responsible for organizing and structuring the course content, including text, multimedia elements, assessments, and interactive activities. Through Moodle, I ensured that the courses were user-friendly, accessible, and conducive to effective online learning experiences.

Leveraging the H5P authoring tool: To enhance the interactivity and engagement of the learning materials, I leveraged the H5P authoring tool. This tool allowed me to create interactive and immersive learning experiences by incorporating various interactive elements such as quizzes, multimedia presentations, simulations, and games. By using H5P, I aimed to create dynamic and compelling content that facilitated active learning and knowledge retention.


MS-Instructional Technology

  •  New York Institute of Technology
  •  Jan 2022 - Jul 2023
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