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Instructional Designer || Technical Writer || Clinical Researcher || Higher Educator

I am Dr. Nidhi Pradhan, an adept instructional designer with a Ph.D. in Cancer Biochemistry and an expansive decade-long journey marked by excellence in education, eLearning, and research. In my recent role as a Senior Executive in Instructional Design at Hurix Digital, I demonstrated a meticulous approach to scripting, developing, and reviewing web-based trainings for esteemed US-based universities and corporate entities. Proficient in rapid development authoring tools like RISE 360, MS-Word, and PowerPoint, I ensure the creation of captivating and visually appealing learning materials.
My expertise extends beyond technical skills; I bring a holistic perspective to the eLearning domain, seamlessly integrating instructional design proficiency with a profound understanding of client-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) administration. Alongside client and stakeholder engagement, I possess a versatile skill set encompassing project management and collaboration with subject matter experts. My commitment to continuous learning is underscored by multiple certifications, including the recent Certified Instructional Design Practitioners’ Course from KPMG, India.
With a solid foundation in academia, research, and industry, I am driven by a genuine passion for innovative learning solutions and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results across diverse projects.


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Senior Executive - Instructional Design

  •  Hurix Digital
  •  Jun 2023 - Nov 2023

 Conducted learning need analysis to identify the gaps and map them to Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA), to design the high-level and low-level training solutions.
 Scripted, developed, and reviewed ILT, VILT, and self-paced modules for global universities and corporates for passive, interactive, and adaptive eLearning modalities.
 Engaged in the development of visual eLearning materials, including game-based, scenario-based, and microlearning storyboards and videos, for a prestigious higher education client, showcasing a keen eye for detail.
 Analyzed and developed instructional content applying Bloom’s levels and suitable ID strategies and methodologies for Novice, Intermediate, and Master Learners.
 Created engaging eLearning materials incorporating visual design for better retention and transfer strategies.
 Implemented best practices of adult education design expertise and developed assessments to measure learning outcomes.
 Administered client-based LMS, ensuring effective progress communication and excellent customer service.
 Designed and delivered corporate training programs tailored to meet the needs of various organizations.
 Worked on creating audio scripts and training manuals for corporate learning content.
 Ensured compliance with style guides, accessibility standards, and checklists to maintain quality standards.
 Proficient in leveraging AI technologies to enhance instructional design methodologies, optimizing learning outcomes through innovative approaches.



  •  Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
  •  Jul 2005 - May 2010

 Worked at the cell molecular level studies in the Proteomics lab on various in-vitro and in-vivo skin cancer chemoprevention models.
 Writing scientific research articles, reviews, and book chapters on my research and related areas.

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