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Seasoned, forward-looking Senior e-Learning Developer, Digital Creative Specialist, and Project Lead with more than a decade of solid experience in creating and executing online course development, and digital media, to enhance learning journey, user experience, and innovation.

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– Pioneered organizations to explore digital learning on the next level
– Working with stakeholders, SMEs, Instructional Designers, and Multimedia Developers to achieve learning objectives, align course competencies, implement adult learning principles, and enforce development using the ADDIE methodology
– Creating high-quality digital media and interactive content using the latest technology and tools
– Creating storyboards and scenario-based courses to enhance the learning journey and experience
– Provide learning technology solutions to make the course more engaging, learner-centric
– Helping organizations convert raw training materials to digital and interactive online learning courses
– Administering Learning Management Systems (LMS), SCORM, TINCAN, and xAPI
– Well-versed in creating a website and mobile UI/UX, corporate branding, print media
– Team management and leadership, resource management, and quality assurance

I believe my abilities and skills are especially suitable for this role. And upon checking your website, and the job specification, I can say this is a great environment to work, explore, interact, and grow together with the company.

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FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY | Adobe Photoshop For Beginners

FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY | Adobe Photoshop For Beginners
FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY | Lesson 2 | Cyber Safety

FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY | Lesson 2 | Cyber Safety



  •  Sara Learning Global
  •  Jun 2023 - Jul 2024

Team Management
- Organized initiatives for online programs and identify technology trends in online learning
- Worked with SMEs and Instructional Designers to integrate digital learning options across all e-learning courses, identify assessments, and provide solutions to make the course more engaging for learners
- Developed and implemented development workflow standards and best practices in conjunction with Instructional Designers, Multimedia Developers, and e-Learning Developers.
- Assessed and analyzed online course products, and find ways to streamline and optimize processes and quality standards.
- Provided guidance to deliver a smooth learning journey and build strong retention and completion rates for the learners
- Coordinated instructional design technology with an understanding of best practices for online learning
- Collaborated with marketing to increase enrollment and broaden the appeal of online programs
- Suggested, conceptualized, and implemented ways for the company to generate income.

e-Learning Development and Multimedia Development
- Designed and developed instructional materials such as videos, interactive learning content, simulation, animation, learning-created graphics, audio, VO, text, and other content as needed for the courseware
- Worked with SMEs, Instructional Designers, and Multimedia Developers to set course development workflow, learning objectives, and competencies, learning delivery methods and principles, and design standards
- Created marketing collaterals such as video presentations, print collaterals
Maintained, QA, and improved website contents such as banner images, blog graphics, calendar, and the like.


  •  Talentium Inc.
  •  Jul 2022 - Feb 2023

Team Management
- Managed company’s client called Asian Development Bank e-Learning projects.
- Removes impediments through regular client coordination and escalations
- Assigned and distributed project activities to resources
- Monitored project progress based on the Release Plan and address delays and performance issues
- Managed creation, collection, distribution, and approval of formal communication of project information to the IT Learning team and ensures that communication needs are met
- Led and managed review of all project change requests, facilitates the approval of change requests, implements changes in a timely manner, and follows the change control process

e-Learning Development
- Designed and developed instructional materials such as videos, presentations, and exercises as eLearning content to support change management and learning created graphics, animation, audio, text, video clips, and other content as needed for the courseware
- Converted existing learning materials into eLearning format
- Created, edited, and revised videos as per request
- Assisted in designing and developing multimedia deliverables for the IT Learning team


  •  Go Philippines (IPCIS Data Services)
  •  Jun 2023 - Mar 2024

- Implemented development lifecycle workflow in creating online learning solutions based on the latest technology trends and recommended best practices.
- Worked with subject matter experts and instructional designers to gather information in terms of learning objectives and technical delivery to execute effective learning experiences.
- Contributed strategies on how to create effective e-Learning courses using adult learning principles.
- Created and developed high-quality e-Learning content like animations, simulations, interactive scenario-based activities, quizzes, job aids, and all multimedia elements needed for the course.
- Updated existing e-Learning content based on business needs, partner product changes/updates, and end-user feedback
Build/published e-Learning content to SCORM and tracked with the company’s LMS platform
- Provided regular project milestones and status updates.
- Managed multiple concurrent projects and tasks.


  •  Site Skills Training (Site Online Learning)
  •  Jun 2013 - Oct 2021

- Implemented development lifecycle workflow in creating online learning solutions based on the latest technology trends and recommended best practices.
- Built the e-Learning multimedia team for the company. Started as the only e-Learning developer then scaled the team to 10 developers, a combination of full-time and contractor employees.
- Achieving E-Learning creative philosophy and standardization of output across the team.
- Engaged with instructional systems design and adult learning theory to organize workflow to design and develop interactivity and storyboards for E-learning.
- Identified delivery strategies of E-learning contents including all multimedia assets, interaction flow, and animation identification.
- Use authoring tools to package and export SCORM-compliant content for Moodle LMS.
- Administered LMS platform for course management and identified feature development needs.
- Supervised creative team to ensure quality output and meet all project requirements and deadlines.


  •  ECC International Corp.
  •  Nov 2008 - Mar 2014

- Created interactive eLearning courseware (SCORM) for Smart, ADB, Metrobank, SM, and Inwent and it will be used for the company’s Learning Management System (Moodle, NetDimension).
- Developed and created Interactive CBT (Computer Based Training) for UNILAB, UNEP, UNIDO, TUV, Inwent. The toolkits are developed using Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, MDM Zinc 3 & integrated w/ XML and PHP, Articulate, and Moodle.
- Converted print collateral to digital app for iPad using Adobe DPS, iBooks Author.
- Created eTool Assessments using Flash AS3 and PHP for the company’s product campaigns.
- Led the creative team to provide the company’s digital media services (Websites, AVPs, collaterals, etc) for training, events, conferences, and in-house and public training.


  •  Jan 2003 - Apr 2008

- Created all multimedia graphic designs for the business. This involves the design and coordination of all digital media graphics including ash interactive animations, presentations, brochures, logos, adverts, corporate literature/branding, exhibition material, and the company's websites.
- Support their database management. Assigned to install and maintain the company's computer networks (LAN).


  •  Apr 2002 - Dec 2002

Created designs for T-shirts and other textile materials. In designing, we do color separation in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for silk screen printing. The design concept is based on the latest brands in today’s fashion.


  •  Jun 2001 - Mar 2002

- Assigned to be one of the developers of the company’s product website ( It's an e-commerce portal for shops in Malaysia. Most of the links were Flash-based sites.
- Developed interactive animations using Macromedia Flash 5, Dreamweaver 4, and MS PowerPoint 2000 for the company's presentation in (NILC) National Internet Literacy Campaign in Malaysia.
- Tasked to train students in the area of Multimedia/Web and Graphic designing. The platforms are Macromedia Flash, Fireworks 5, Dreamweaver, as well as MS PowerPoint.


  •  Feb 2000 - Jan 2002

- Tasked to do an animation presentation for the company's product demo. This involves the design and coordination of all corporate graphics including brochures, logos, presentations, adverts, corporate literature/branding, exhibition material, and the company's websites.
- Engaged in C Programming, Circuit/PC debugging, and supervising their production staff.


  •  Apr 2000 - Nov 2000

- Exposed to selling imported hand luggage, leather bags, and suitcases
- Managing store design to effectively showcase all products
- Support their CMS (Computer Management System).


  •  Nov 1999 - Feb 2000

- Assigned to do UI design for the production of the company’s Movie Bulletin magazine.
- Planning and designing CATV cabling layout in 3D. The design will be published on the web for the client’s reference on cablings (CATV), as well as mappings, and strands layouts.
- Developed existing Auto LISP program for the company’s CAD revisions.


  •  Mar 1999 - Nov 1999

- Planning and designing architectural layout plans using CAD and at the same time preparing 3D shop drawings based on client’s requirements.
- Preparing product layout details and specifications.
- Assigned to design their Product Reference Library. Some pieces on the page were 3D solid models.
- The job also encompasses CMS (Computer Management System) support.


  •  Jan 1999 - Mar 1999

Assigned to design a product casing using AutoCAD R-14 (3D). At the same time prepares architecture and component specifications, and revised the existing PC diagram for the project’s proposition. This three months contract is for the preparation of the company to implement and launch a new hand-held PC type patented last May 27, 1998. The primary objective of the product is to have a portable device that views or browses the information the user needs. The product is composed of a CD-ROM drive, buttons, a screen (which views text and graphics), and the basic components of the computer.


BS in Computer Engineering

  •  May 1994 - Sep 1998

College degree

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