Instructional Designer/E-learning Developer
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An Instructional Designer with entry-level experience specializing in adult education, learning management systems (LMS),curriculum development, and E-learning. Adept at using instructional design principles to develop…

"Creating Engaging Learning Experiences for Seamless Knowledge Transfer"

I specialize in developing interactive and engaging learning experiences that promote effective knowledge transfer. With expertise in instructional design principles and a strong foundation in…

E-learning designer | Articulate Storyline expert | Instructional designer

As an instructional designer with 6 years of experience, I have worked with a diverse range of clients and industries, creating engaging and effective learning…

Graphic and Motion Graphic Designer
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I’m Ankita Kashyap, an Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design (ACA) with 6.5 years of experience in graphic design, motion graphics, animation, and UI/UX design.…

Graphic and web designer

Himanshu is a highly skilled graphic and web designer with seven years of industry experience. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for…

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